1968 Fender Pink Paisley Telecaster


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    EX-, lacquer finish. The first time we laid eyes on this Tele we said “wow, that’s a really clean body” and then a double wow at the finish on the neck. Why? This guitar has the sexiest damn neck we’ve ever seen. The same cool wear you’d see on a ‘50s Fender. Light lacquer but as a player you realize that in the future you will be able to replace frets without stress. A mint Paisley with bad frets becomes stressful…because it’s mint.

     Not to mention the greatest question – how does it play? How do you think it plays? Did it get that 500 hours of neck wear because it sucks? Doubtful. This has a nice rounded medium neck, maple cap fingerboard, and no skunk stripe. All-stock and did we mention the de-lish neck?

     Finish checking is minimal with a nice patina all over, and the body has yellowed in a perfect way (look close at the finish). There are some dings, chips, and light arm wear but no flaking. It has its original case. Super cool.