1967 Marshall JTM45/100


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Black Levant, plexi panel, consigned by a noted Marshall collector. A pretty early example of the EL34-powered 100-watt amp that eventually became the Model 1959 Super Lead and even when this one was built was changing the sound of rock. In March of 1967 when this was made, Marshall was still figuring out the cosmetics and naming conventions, so this has the “MK II” “JTM45” front panel and the partial-width cream “MK III”-labeled back panel with the “Super Amp” name. If you look closely, you can see where “PA” was scratched out at the factory, as they had not yet had bespoke 100-watt guitar amp back panels made by their supplier and were using PA amplifier panels as a stopgap. 4 inputs, standard Marshall control layout although the volumes are labeled “high treble loudness” and “normal loudness”. Lay-down mains transformer and internal filter caps, and the characteristic narrow heat vent on the top of the cabinet. Loaded with a matched quartet of NOS Mullard EL34s, original tolex, transformers, and front and back control panels. The amp has been professionally recapped (originals included), has a top-notch repro logo, the cabinet back panel is ‘70s, and there’s one plugged hole in back of chassis. Monstrous power, tremendous crunch, singing sustain, incredible bass response, articulate midrange and treble and just really British-sounding – all the primordial Marshall virtues. A rare and important amp, probably the oldest and most impressive 100-watt Marshall we’ve ever had. Made in the UK, and originally sold out of a shop in Birmingham per the dealer badge on the rear panel. Just splendid. This item will incur additional shipping and insurance costs, please contact us prior to ordering.