1967 Gibson GA-5 Skylark


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These last-issue tube GA-5s are cool. A larger box (17” high, not 14”), a larger 10” alnico speaker, and they went from 4 & 1/2 watts to 10 watts with 2 6BQ5 (American EL84 more or less) power tubes. They have a 12AU7 for a bit less gain and a bit more headroom. Front-mounted controls with treble and bass controls. Kind of an undiscovered gem of a handwired vintage amp. The bigger box and bigger 10” speaker give you more body and oomph. Rugged construction too. Cool pebbled-grain black covering, original leather handle, all-stock and very clean to match your ES-330 or SG Special. Only made from 1966 to 1968 when the awful solid-state models ruined Gibson’s reputation for amps forever.