1967 Fender Telecaster


Lacquer finish, Klusons, maple cap fretboard. And even with all those cool early features it gets better. It’s a rare factory original Olympic White over the original Tele Blonde (finish over finish from the factory).

For many the best year for Telecasters. Why? The sharp edge of the body is like the 50’s Teles. The Klusons (ditto), the lacquer finish (ditto). And flush string ferrules! (ditto)

But the added fretboard means no skunk stripe like rosewood fretboards. Also 1967 was the year they changed the mud switch so no deep bass when on the forward position. Just modern (normal) pickup switching. The pickup is rewound. Also refretted (you’re welcome). Three way switch replaced (original included). Also has added string tree (leave it).

If you see the Rolling Stones you’ll see Keith Richards playing a green ’67 Tele. Black logo, yet lacquer and Klusons. Just sayin.

This 7.5 pound guitar cannot be duplicated. Current Fender Custom Shop imitates paint over paint finishes but this is the real deal and very very rare.

Great tone, cool vibe, a few items keep the price in line (like that handy extra string tree). Comes with the original hard case.