1967 Epiphone Broadway


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Natural, this guitar has some excellent mojo. One look and you’ll get the vibe. Just out of our shop with a fresh neck reset! Note the cool glued on mustache armrest and added Bigsby with pinky ring trem arm. The Broadway is pretty much the same as an ES-175, same factory, new trim, Brazilian fretboard, big block inlays, fancy headstock (the rose sticker stays) and frets in great shape. The blonde finish is original and much rare as it was an extra-cost option. The neck is slim and the nut is 1 9/16” like all ’67 era Gibsons. It plays great. We are fond of these mini-hums (think fat Fender tone). We’ll let the photos show condition but it’s been played by a pro. Note back of neck and finish checking. Also: new well-done pickguard, fresh neck reset, new tuners (same type), the bridge was wood now Gibson tune-a-matic. As we said cool cowboy jazz vibe. Thick Gibson made deep hollow body. Comes with the original grey Epiphone hard case.

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