1966 Fender Twin Reverb-Amp


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Blackface, very clean, AB763 circuit per the tube chart, 2×12″ 1966-dated Jensen C12N loudspeakers, 2 channels, each with 2 inputs, 3-band EQ, and bright switches, second channel has Fender’s legendary onboard effects, tube-driven spring reverb and tube-driven optical tremolo, original footswitch included, grille, tolex, transformers, etc., all-original, grille and tolex in fine shape. 85 watts from a quartet of 6L6 output tubes, all-tube preamp, solid-state rectifier, tremendous headroom and clarity, and crunches out nicely if you dare to crank it up. Due to the sensible transformers, speaker magnets, and solid pine cabinet, the original Twin Reverb-Amp from the mid-’60s is actually not as heavy as one might expect, and is reasonably compact for such a powerhouse. Handwired in Fullerton, California with premium components, a terrific example of one of the greatest amplifiers of all time. Comes with vintage schematic and original clean Victoria vinyl slipcover, consigned.