1966 Epiphone Casino


Internally called the ES-230TD. A guitar made famous by 1966 as George Harrison and John Lennon toured Europe with casinos as Paul McCartney had already been using one. Why the Beatles all chose The Casino as the bands “mascot” guitar is unknown. But Harrison and Lennon both sanded off the finish on their guitars because the artist Donovan told them they would sound better. It’s no doubt these guitars were useful because you can write songs on the couch then plug in the same guitar for that great crisp P-90 sound. Reportedly used on the songs Revolution and Hey Jude. Lennon famously used his on the last time the Beatles played live on the rooftop of Abby Road studios. And then of course Paul played his on the solo to “Ticket to Ride”, George played his on “Hello Goodbye” (his had a Bigsby), and of course John, Paul, and George all played them on “All You Need is Love”.

This one had changed tuners but we found impossible to find original 60’s Klusons with the proper nickel buttons to restore the guitar. With a great neck, the guitar has no breaks, and is in great shape with only light checking in the famous Epiphone iced tea finish. Balanced original pickups.Custom made vintage spec pickguard with deep bevels. Comes with soft period correct case. These are hard to find as collectors rarely sell them.