1965 Fender Bassman-Amp head and cabinet.


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50-watt all-tube head with matching 2×12” cabinet, reissue speakers in cab but otherwise clean and straight. 2x6L6, handwired with premium components, designed as a bass amp and works well for that, but most known as one of the all-time great guitars, be it this version, the later silverface models, and the earlier tweed and blonde versions. Cool features of the piggyback Bassman include the the thumb screws and rails for securely attaching the head to the cabinet, and the tilt-back legs for better self-monitoring., as well as the advanced design of the bottom, with a sealed back and partition between the speakers for tight and focused bass response. Plenty of power, headroom, and sparkle, and breaks up very nicely when rolled up. Made in Fullerton, California, USA. Sold as a set, local pickup only.