1964 Gibson ES-345TD


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EX, sunburst. A beautiful factory-original ES model Gibson with stoptail, big neck, and steep 17-degree headstock pitch angle. The sunburst is rather fetching with with darker finish at cutaways applied over maple with pretty hints of flame and lacquer that has yellowed a bit, highlighting the gold hardware…it glows.
The serial number puts it in 1965 but the stop bar, headstock pitch, and 1 & 11/16″ nut width makes us list it as a ’64.
Original electronics with the crisp upper mids that “patent sticker” ’60s humbuckers are known for. The stereo jack and varitone switch are factory stock. No breaks or heavy wear, only peculiar thing is bone saddles.
It’s getting rare to find higher-end ’60s Gibson models with no significant modifications and yet enough honest play wear that it has that broken-in feel. There were only 272 ES-345 guitars shipped that year. This has its original case and is pleasing to the eyes and ears. The last one like this we had never even made the website.