1964 Fender Vibroverb-Amp


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All-original, 1×15”, 40 watts. These are one of the rarest Fender amps, made only in 1963 and 1964. They would have perhaps faded to obscurity if not for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Derived from the Bassman chassis but with a tube rectifier, tremolo, and reverb. They typically have this this gray-frame 15” JBL D130F speaker. This produces a bass thump where every note pushes a huge fat tone. Quite impressive. We had this amp detailed and serviced (it had been in a dusty basement) but upon inspection it is remarkably original. Filter caps, speaker, transformers, all factory, although the speaker jack has been changed. We re-biased the power tubes, tested all others, re-soldered a few things, cleaned, tightened, and ran under load to test. A very rare model. If you’ve listened to SRV (who hasn’t) you’ve heard one of these. Expensive to ship, no returns if shipped.