1964 Gibson Thunderbird II


Sunburst, VG. Gibson’s answer to the P-Bass was a multi-laminated neck-thru design where from the top of the headstock to the bottom strap button was one continuous piece of wood. Then – of course – they glued mahogany “wings” on. The sound was truly thunderous. This beautiful ’60s Gibson has seen damage. 1.) Headstock has been repaired. Well-done expert work. 2.) The upper wing crack (you Firebird fans have seen this). This too has been addressed professionally. Everything is stable. Be happy because it makes this classic a bargain and nobody will know. Also, the pots were changed. However, the pickup, bridge, and tailpiece are original. Tuners too. Then the wood is original and it sounds – well, thunderous.! Nice weight, easy action, legendary pickup. And original case (kinda beat). This guitar was played professionally and it shows but it also sounds incredible as is true of so many well-played musical instruments.