1967 Gibson Firebird III


In stock

Non-reverse in rare custom color, Inverness Green. Clean – no breaks and all-original except the newer case. In the day these were priced about the same as a Strat. Ponder if you will the value of any custom-color ’68 Stratocaster (we know, not a fair comparison but…) This has original tuners made by Targ & Dinner who supplied tuning machines to Gibson and Guild during the Kluson strike. This is a beautiful clean example. It’s light, the original frets have lots of life, the P-90s sound great. No buckling of plastic, no issues. Are custom-color Gibsons a good investment? We feel strongly yes. Just for the record this is not blue faded to green. A fabulous factory Inverness Green ’60s Gibson. With newer hard case, consigned.