1963 Gibson ES-335TDC


In stock

Cherry, stoptail. This one-owner guitar was played so hard the original owner wore a hole in the top, now covered by tape (no, we won’t take the tape off). Original “patent sticker” pickups, original nickel parts, repro tuners. Okay, he wore a hole in the top and the finish off half the back of the neck but he apparently didn’t wear a belt with a buckle, so there’s that. All in all it’s rather clean otherwise, original frets still have lots of life left, great medium-size neck, we love ’63-era 335s for that. The tone is as you would expect for a wwll-played guitar, rich and complex acoustically and distinct upper mids through an amp. The wear on the pickguard from the original owner’s right hand makes it look like a Salvador Dali sculpture. Wide-border truss rod cover, the guitar is all-stock except the reissue tuners. Original hard case, too. On consignment.

We get asked: What the heck is with the pickguard? Well it’s what happens when you keep a strong polka beat with a metal thumb pick. Since we are into “solutions” we made a wide border beveled early long guard that now goes below the bridge. Looks good! The original guard is of course still in the case.