1963 Fender Champ


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January of 1963 per the tube chart, 5F1 circuit, last of the tweed Champs, although in that time Fender made a number of Champs that were “tweed” in terms of the circuit but had various black, brown, and blonde tolex coverings. 1x6V6 for a strong 5 watts, volume control with integrated power switch, 8″ Oxford loudspeaker (later 5F1 Champs like this with the 8″ speaker are particularly great-sounding), tweed is in good shape, no issues other than the missing logo plaque. You’ve heard it a million times but it’s true – the tweed Champ is one of the all-time great small club, studio, and home amps, heard on countless classic records. Handwired in Fullerton, California, USA.