1962 Fender Pro-Amp


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Near-mint, with cover. Early, almost-prototype with labelmaker serial number rather than the standard chassis stamp. This early example has 6 preamp tubes for the variable-pitch vibrato (not unlike Magnatone) – most Fenders have 5 preamp tubes. The effect is simply gorgeous. It also has a “master presence” control, a very misunderstood feature that you’ll see on white Bassman heads. It takes unused signal from from the end of the path and reinserts it into the beginning of the signal chain – the result adds a clarity to your guitar tone. This amp has its original 1962 Oxford “Fender Special Design” 15” alnico speaker. No earache from a JBL, nope, this speaker made for Fender has the sweetest tube fidelity and warmth. But wait, there’s more. This ultra-clean example has its original Tung-Sol 5881 military-grade power tubes (price those in today’s market). It has been fully serviced with a grounded power cable installed and some filter caps replaced, but all old parts saved. Written repair records are included with the amp. We’ve ordered a reissue “doggone” handle because the original Fender handle is in such clean shape. An amazing amp, in amazing condition. 40 watts but not too loud, it’s just as sweet as can be. Tung-Sol tubes, the earliest pitch-changing vibrato, prototype serial number and original Fender cover. Please don’t buy it, we love it. Local pickup only.