1962 Epiphone FT-79 Texan


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VG-. First: Yes, you are correct. It’s beat. Really worn! But…only because it sounds so good. It’s our thing to seek out great-sounding vintage guitars and most times the really magic ones have been played and played and played. Then fixed. Then played. (repeat)
This has the classic pre-Gibson features but was was made in the Kalamazoo factory. Big (short) headstock, big neck with Brazilian rosewood board and classic slanted rectangular Epiphone inlays. It’s a fancy J-45 made in the same factory any Gibson-branded J-45 from the same year. Honduran mahogany body and neck, aged Sitka spruce top.
Quirks (or nits) – patched hole in top (pick attack), newer oversized bridge, capo marks on headstock, lots of pick wear generally, and has been refretted in the recent past. Plus, an old set of Grover Sta-Tites added. They work.
Also of note is the shadow of the “L” on the top as the previous owner (named Larry) had his initial as a sticker on the guitar. And – yes, there’s more – we kept the set list taped to the side. (“Folsom Prison” is in F.)
All of this truth in advertising adds up to real character. And really outstanding tone. Deep cannon bass and long sustaining high end. A dream. This is one of those guitars that if it was not for sale you’d beg the owner to sell it.
We sent it through our shop – bridge reglued, etc. And it comes with its its original Epiphone hard case.