1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Special


In stock

Cherry, remarkably clean. Non-tremolo. These were made at the same time as the other SG-shaped Les Pauls, the Junior, Standard, and the SG Les Paul Custom. However, the SG/Les Paul Special did not say “Les Paul” on the headstock. How can you tell it’s a Les Paul? The angled bridge. This prize is a one-owner extremely clean all-original guitar with that big neck, killer pickups, and unique tone. Note the Spanish-style heel and factory black dart on the back of the headstock. It’s artwork. Gibson soon realized it could not take the time to make the guitar with that heel structure anymore. Feather-light, no breaks, no stories, investment-grade with original brown semi-hard case that – unfortunately – has a broken handle. These are rare and interesting and this one is in particular amazing.