1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom


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Black, 3 pickups, EX++. You might think we made a mistake because they did not make single-cutaway Les Pauls in 1961…did they?
We’ve sold 2 early ’60s Les Pauls that were bought from their original owners who said that when the SG body came out they had Gibson make them an older-style singlecut by special order. This one seems to be one of those. Also, see page 186 of the Norman’s Rare Guitars book from 1999.
It’s factory-original with undisturbed solder. It’s an original stoptail, has original gold Grovers (“patent pending”), original gold reflector knobs – and the guitar is noticeably light at 9.25 pounds.
The really unique thing is the neck shape. We had Jimmy Page’s long-lost 1960 Les Paul Custom in our hands and this neck is very similar – smaller than you would guess. Jimmy bought his new and it also had reflector knobs…kinda interesting.
Gibson shipping totals show zero single-cutaway Les Paul Customs from 1961 to 1968 (and 513 SG Customs, including a few ’61 Les Paul SG Customs).
That fact alone should make any collector sit up and notice. This was special-ordered and has an inked-on 1961 serial number.
It’s a stoptail…and its tone is fantastic. Only finish checking, no large dings, buckle rash, or breaks. Even original frets. Really, this is a fantastic rare find that will never be duplicated. A factory-original “Black Beauty” 1961 Les Paul Custom with original pebbled black hard case. Consigned.