1960’s Premier Multivox


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“Scroll top” in transparent brown finish. A wacky yet very playable model with a clever tremolo that works quite well. Very easy action with a pickup sound reminiscent of the DeArmond pickups found on Gretsch or later USA-made Harmony guitars. The Multivox company made unique guitars and cool amps in New Jersey for Sorkin Music stores in NYC. Many were exported to Europe as Fender and Gibson product was hard to come by in the guitar boom of the 60’s. These are rare outside of the New York area. Rather fetching color. What were they thinking? A scroll top was an expensive and unique detail like Grandpa’s Gibson F-style mandolin. We give an “A” for the effort. They balance well on a strap. Few if any of these were played in anger or used in the hard rock bands of later year, so most are quite clean.
The heavy chrome plating still shines. Plays great, unique look and tone. Yes…they even used Brazilian rosewood for fretboards. Non-original case. Kinda cool Americana. Be the only kid on the block with one.

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