1960 Gibson Melody Maker


In stock

Sunburst, single cut with large pickup. EX-, these are rather rare as the stronger output large pickup was only made for 18 months. Only 243 melody makers left the factory in 1960 and only half that number with big pickup. Most all ’59 melody makers had the big pickup. This one all stock (yes tuners too) with big ’59 neck, original wrap around bridge and one piece Honduran mahogany body. Weather checking over the entire body, nice finish smooth. So many of these were raided for the bridge or other parts finding a factory original one is getting hard to find. 6 pounds 9 ounces, it’s light with the stronger pickup and big neck, Brazilian fretboard with one changed dot inlay. Gibson couldn’t make this guitar today for under $5000. Comes with a 60’s Gibson soft case that we provided. The 7/8 wide pickup makes it special.

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