1960 Gibson ES-330TD


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Sunburst, EX++. An amazingly clean example, feather-light, resonant. Demand is growing for these as they prove to be so practical for sitting around the house, recording, and stage (ask the Beatles who used Epiphone Casinos). And now tell me why they are almost equal in price to make new? Yes, these are 1/4 the price of dot-neck ES 335. What’s the point? These still seem like a bargain in the vintage world. Yes we sold them for $950 back in the day but those days are long gone. This example is the cleanest one anywhere. The hardware shines, no finish checking, original no-wire bridge, original tuners, knobs, pickguard, bracket, even the switch tip. Only a repaired tailpiece (easy to find a replacement if you choose). The tone is rich and crisp when clean and snarls when turned up. In some ways a perfect vintage guitar if you had to choose only one. With equally clean deluxe brown case. Consigned.