1960 Fender Deluxe-Amp


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First year of issue for this iteration, very clean and all-original save for grille cloth, 6G3 circuit per the intact and legible tube chart, “Fender Elect. Inst. Co.” on control panel, 22 watts from a pair of 6V6s, 3x12AX7 preamp, 5AR4/GZ34 tube rectifier, 2 channels (normal and bright, each with volume and tone controls), and that great deep and pulsating brown/blonde-era Fender tremolo with speed and intensity controls, and a fantastic-sounding Jensen P12R dated the 18th week of 1960. Light weight, great looks, aggressive tone (but not too aggressive), enough power to gig with but not so much you’ll be asked to leave, one of Fender’s great pre-CBS amp designs. Handwired in Fullerton, California, USA.