1959 Gibson ES-125


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Sunburst, very clean. Everyone should own one of these. The deep body has great bass response for jazz yet the P-90 turned up to 10 has a smokin’ blues tone. And with no amp? That’s what makes these so desirable. Feather-light to just grab and get comfy, admire that famous ’59 neck, Brazilian rosewood board so richly dark, the yellowed lacquer finish, hand-sprayed sunburst, and the bark and bite of your archtop without an amp. The guitar is all-stock except for a replaced tailpiece (you can find an old tailpiece easily enough if you look). But the tone of the old wood and the aged magnets of a 63 year-old P-90 is impossible to find on anything new. Turn down for clean, turn up for juice. Comes with a new but rather nice-looking tweed case.

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