1959 Fender Stratocaster


One owner, rarely used. Period. Oh wait…with hang tag and original strap, all tucked into an original clean brown hard case.
We should stop there knowing most of you have a flair for the obvious. But the days of buying a 60 year-old guitar from the original owner are coming to a close. Fenders were professional-grade instruments in the ’50s and ’60s. So, to buy one, you likely had a real job. In this case our seller was 80 years old bought this when he was 20. When removing the bridge cover you’ll get chills at how clean that cover has kept the bridge. You can admire the finish made with old-fashioned aniline dye (an oily substance made from coal tar dried to a powder). It’s well-known that red aniline dye fades in sunlight – thus the many shades of Les Paul Standards (aka “bursts) made in this period. In this condition, the color is gorgeous.
The original owner stated that the logo peeled off right away. We will show you a photo of the headstock and you’ll see no shadow. Willie had a high-quality year-correct logo decal that we applied (your secret is safe with us).
The guitar is otherwise fresh and looks 1 year old, not 61 years old. Compare the condition to any others currently for sale. It’s 7.5 pounds and resonant. The body is dated 1959, the pots are dated 1959, and because it’s so clean we will not take the neck off (you’re welcome).
Remarkable condition, no real fret wear, minty clean case, trem arm, clean strap, warranty card, bridge cover. Just plain wow.