1957 Fender Princeton


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5F2 “Princeton” Amplifier made in December of 1957, per the intact tube chart, 8″ Oxford speaker. Showroom-clean with original cover. The tweed Champ’s big brother. It’s interesting that the Fender catalog in this time period listed the specs of the Champ as 4 watts and the Princeton at…4 & 1/2 watts. What? The biggest difference is the bigger box, adding more bass response than a Champ. Plus, you have a tone control that can help add warmth. This one is exemplary and a perfect fit for your collection of ’50s Fenders. With remarkably clean tweed and a crispy-clean (original) cover, and all-stock. The market on tweed Fenders does not surprise us, with feather-light aged cabinets and the tone of a thousand classic rock, blues, and R&B records. Tweed this clean is rare. Consigned.