1956 Fender Harvard


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Modified but a cool utility tweed Fender, with a tone that was killer. Here are its quirks: From the factory a 1×10″ design, but the original speaker has been replaced with a 12” 1959 Jensen P-12S alnico speaker. Yes, the baffle has been cut to accommodate the bigger 12″. Changed output transformer and finally has a small switch added on underside of chassis that adds gain. This is a useful mod for low volume punch – it could be removed but why not leave it? The previous owner also added a jack for an extension speaker (dontcha just love the honesty in our descriptions). Finally, new handle and new power cord (whew). Otherwise, original tweed. And original tweed tone for lots cheaper than most any other old Harvard. We always put used amps through the shop so you’ll feel secure in buying a killer tweed amp that works.