1953 Gibson GA-40T Les Paul Model


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Very worn-looking but fully serviced. In 1953 there was no rock n’ roll and Elvis Presley was a few years away from his first recording. But there was the innovative guitarist Les Paul who by 1953 had racked up lots of hit records. These Les Paul amps were one of the premier pro-quality gigging amps of the day. Original 12″ Jensen P-12Q, 2 6V6 power tubes with a 6V6 tremolo driver, tube rectifier, and all-tube preamp. This is a early version of a model that lasted until 1960. But these had a cool unique tone with a great midrange. These came standard with tremolo. Fully-serviced with original power tubes, biased, power cord updated and speaker reconed, as well as a replaced handle. A really cool sleeper of an amp that you can take to gigs. Electronics are mostly original. Great tone. This amp came in with our ’53 ES-5.