1952 Gibson Les Paul


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At almost 70 years old professional-grade guitars live an interesting life. In the 1950s the Gibson factory produced 90% less than today’s factory. In ’53 the solidbody guitar was considered a fad (like drum machines). Gibson did not bother to put serial numbers on the first few batches. But R&B artists like B.B. King made these Goldtops a hit.
This one has a story. Let’s explore. First, the “wrap-under trapeze” bridge was replace with a TonePros bridge and stoptail. Not surprising. It plays really great, quick action, stays in tune – plus, now you can mute the strings. The tuners have been replaced with Grovers.
The neck cutaway shows a repair (see photos). The repaired crack aligns with the heel. Perhaps someone started a neck set or it took a spill. But no breaks to neck, just an odd body crack. It was repaired and the back of the neck and body has overspray on top of the original finish. You can see the finish checking on the back but the overspray feels smooth. The pickups, pots, knobs, and pickguard are all stock.
The guitar weighs 9.25 pounds. The pickups are what you’d expect – fantastic. Plus slightly out of phase with both on. Very cool tone.
The case has real value (we just got offered $4k for the case only). The tone and playability make this a dream guitar. Feel free to ask questions. Consigned.