1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop ’56 Conversion


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Goldtop, converted to ’56 era specs, yet original finish and no breaks. Formerly owned by Joey Molland of Badfinger. What a cool almost unique guitar. First, it had a neck set bringing the pitch up to better fit the geometry of a Tuneamatic bridge set up. Second, has an original 50’s nickel TOM bridge and original nickel stop tail piece. Third, it’s refretted (you’re welcome). Now you have an unbroken easy-to-play original finish 50’s Goldtop. The neck is medium, nice and round with no V. The pickups, knobs and plastic are original. The two volume pots and tuners were replaced, the original pots are included. It’s nice and light, just under 9 pounds at 8 pounds 13 ounces.

The pickups have magic as the ’52 era seems cleaner with more articulation. If you look closely you can barely see the shadow of the old wrap-around. The tall ’52 knobs are fun and lately rather priceless. There is a scratch (not a crack) on the back of the headstock. Has strap locks installed. Sounds great acoustically too. The guitar is not broken and has its original finish. It comes with two non-original cases. One is an 80’s Hamer case (pictured) and a newer brown Gibson case. Consigned