1947 Martin 000-28


Natural, getting a 40’s Martin is a rare occurrence. In the 107 years before 1940 Martin made less than 80,000 guitars (about 750 a year all models). Today they make a few more than…ahem. This one has had a few repairs we’ll let your eyes plainly see most but highlights are refinished back and oversprayed top and sides. Has newer well done ebony bridge and original patched bridge plate. Has had a neck reset and refret as one would expect for a 70 year old. There are three cracks on the back that were repaired long ago (likely the reason for the refin on back). But the back is choice book matched Brazilian Rosewood. The neck is crack free and appears to be the original finish. The tuners are also original.The Adirondack Spruce top has its share of dings and two repaired cracks on the treble side. The bridge work is top notch and the neck set is great. The saddle sits tall yet quite easy action.One replaced back brace and the spruce band aid patch on the bridge plate. Everything is now in place with no further repairs needed. It comes with a cool original case and sounds fantastic as you might expect with a 40’s Brazilian Martin classic. Consigned.