1945 Gibson J-45 “Bannerhead”


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Sunburst, refinished, with added pickup. This guitar passed through our hands years ago and we are pleased to have it back. It had lots of repairs over the years with 5 or 6 longer repaired crack on the back and a repaired and cleated top crack. Also has two back braces replaced, is refretted and has had a recent neck reset. The pickup is an LR Baggs Anthem with volume, tone, phase and battery check in the soundhole. This is a mic and under-saddle pickup which can be blended. The fingerboard has some divots filled. The new frets are wonderful on old guitars. This will be the perfect guitar for some as its stage-worthy and worry-free. What you get is a real Bannerhead with an Adirondack Top, small bridge, big V shaped neck, tapered headstock and that big fat thump and projection that only old wood vintage guitars have. It has a tall saddle and low action and the tone that is so hard to replicate. Comes with a new hard case. Even considering the extensive repairs it priced right.