1944 Gibson SJ Southern Jumbo


This is a very good playing, great sounding, and all things considered clean “banner” Gibson. It really has a voice, and the full-profile, five piece neck is straight and twist free – and very comfortable. Like you’d expect, there has been some work done to keep this historically significant instrument up and running. The tuning machines are original, but the buttons have been replaced. The bridge and bridge plate have been replaced, and some newer braces (non-original) have been added to the top.
Our luthier’s opinion, in light of the detail of the internal work, accompanying reference pencil markings inside the body, and some finish anomalies on the back of the instrument, is that at some point the back was removed to perform that work. The back, and perhaps sides, had the lacquer re-catalyzed, and perhaps lightly over-sprayed (likely to address checking).
The long and short of it, is that this is an amazing sounding and playing Gibson, that presents well, and has had just enough work to keep it running as it was intended some 70 years later. This is a good one. On Consignment. price reduced