1939 Gibson L-5P


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First-year for the Gibson cutaway. The effort it took the craftsmen at Gibson to recarve the solid wood sides on a hand-carved top-line model was extensive. So the name was Premier until later when called the L-5 Cutaway. This first year first year is the ultimate archtop (insert superlative here). If you’re looking for one of these try to still your beating heart. We are told only 19 were made that year. The non-elevated fingerboard is only on these 1939’s. You can see it was played yet loved. It’s all stock faded sunburst finish, original Grover Imperial tuners and original L-5 tailpiece. Perfect neck, round and like goldilocks not too big not too small. Refretted (you’re welcome), top and back hand carved. Oops, pickguard is a quality reproduction. The tone is sublime. The case is the original hard shell but missing two hinges. We have a second plastic case for shipping. Consigned.