1924 Weissenborn Style One


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Flamed koa, EX-. Hermann Weissenborn’s Hawaiian guitars are historically important. Having worked for Chris Knutsen in Tacoma, Washington, he opened a shop in 1911 in downtown Los Angeles. After the Panama Pacific Exposition in 1915, Hawaiian guitars became hot. In fact, all things Hawaiian were hot – ukuleles too. These are the loudest guitars you’ve ever strummed, rich in overtones, sustain, and volume. Style One guitars (no binding) are generally plainer, although this one has very nice flame. Willie loves Weissenborns. This is all solid koa with a square neck. We believe the bridge to be a replacement, and it has been reglued. The tuners are original and work well. There is a repaired crack on the back, as well as a side crack, repaired long ago. Comes in newer case.