1920’s Sam Chang


This koa soprano uke is in remarkably good condition for its age, showing evidence of just a few well-repaired cracks. The coat-of-arms headstock decal reading “Aloha-Hawaii” along with details like bar frets (12), no fingerboard, and simple, single ring rosette point toward Sam Chang as a builder. Also evident a small amount of residue on the back of the headstock in the shape of a rectangle, where Chang’s brand decal would have been attached.

Chang began his career working for the Kamaka family, before branching out on his own. His simple but well made instruments found their way into the teaching programs and curio shops of Hawaii’s finer hotels, among them The Royal Hawaiian. Featuring traditional Hawaiian headstock crown motif, and barrel heel, this instrument is clearly in the lineage of the early builders Kumalae, Kamaka, etc. Includes modern chipboard case. $450

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