1910 Gibson L-4


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Natural, refinished. Wait did we say 1910? Yes, the serial number is 1910 but the L-4 was not officially introduced until 1912. This is very early for Gibson who’s very first were 1895 and the first patent 1898 for a mandolin. Orville Gibson died in 1918. This is hand-carved Red Spruce top and birch back and sides. It was refinished long ago yet comes with a letter from the previous owner that says it’s original but it is not. For a 110-year-old guitar, it is in great shape but has binding repair and is refretted.

The neck is a large V with a very tapered headstock (for best string tension). The Gibson is done in pearl. It has what are likely original tuners with decorative etching, ivoroid buttons and string posts that are onion-shaped at the top. The tailpiece is also likely original. It has a hand-signed label from Gibson Mandolin Guitar Company.

The body is 16” wide, 24 1/2” scale length, 1 11/16” nut. The tone is huge with great volume but not a flat top nor your classic archtop top tone either. These oval hole early Gibson’s have been popular lately. This guitar was owned by Deepfield Studios who have recorded Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. We are NOT saying this was used by any of those artists but comes with a letter of love of this old Gibson from them.

This guitar comes with a letter from George Gruhn who only saw the instrument from photos and we are sure he would agree if he saw it in person that it is refinished. Shout out to George. This is a very cool piece of American Guitar History, handmade in small numbers and comes with a later 50’s brown hard case.