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vintage Gibson GA -400 amp
vintage Gibson GA -400 amp

Amplifiers & Preamps1960 Gibson GA 400

Great sounding, three channel all tube amp from Gibson. Single color blonde tweed tolex (not two-tone), top mounted tiered tube preamp, bottom mounted tube (6550) power amp (60 watts). A little rough around the edges - tolex scuffs, tears, peeling...oxidation on metal parts. These, like the Super 400 guitar, were the top shelf offerings from Gibson at the time. The GA-400 was only made from '57-'61. Built in compressor. Our dear friend Ric Hollister (Jack Knife and the Sharps) has been playing his Super 400 with Alnico V "staple" pickups through his GA-400 to good effect for years! $1750 On Hold

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