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1950 Valco Combo

Tan, recovered, 22 watts, 6V6 powered, great sounding tremolo, single 1 x 12" Alnico speaker. $495

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50s silvertone 1333 danelectro rola 6v6 tremolo willie

1950s Silvertone 1333

1x12" combo driven by a pair of 6V6s, manufactured by Danelectro for Sears and their Silvertone brand, 12 watts, fantastic tremolo, a Rola speaker, and, amazingly its original footswitch (or "push switch", as it's... $699

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fender tweed super jensen p10r presence willies saint paul minnesota

1958 Fender Super-Amp

With original cover. A rare find as these higher watt 50's Fenders were expensive in the day. This one has that high power twin tone like Keith's. With settings at 5-6 its tone is rich and sweet like a high fidelity tube stereo... $7995

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vintage 1959 fender tweed champ

1959 Fender Tweed Champ

Tweed, 6 watts, 5F1 circuit, all original and in great shape, 6V6 powered, one knob and you’re good to go, intact tube chart dates March 1959 (IC), sounds great! An essential part of any guitar players arsenal. Consigned at $2000

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ampeg reverberocket 2 jbl d120f accordion willie

1960s Ampeg Reverberocket 2

Model GS-12R, 1x12" combo, hand-wired, 45 watts from a pair of 7591s, 2 channels, legendary tremolo and reverb, and a fantastic JBL D120F loudspeaker. Some honest wear but everything is pretty much there, including that cool... $850

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vox jmi jennings musical industries ltd brown diamond ef86 willies saint paul minnesota

1960s Vox AC-4

Early '60s, JMI (Jennings Musical Industries) production, small student combo, 4 watts from a single EL84, ECC83/EF86 preamp, EZ80 tube rectifier, black vinyl, lovely brown Vox grille cloth, hinged handle, has added footswitch jack... $1750

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vintage 1961 fender deluxe amp brown deluxe for sale

1961 Fender Deluxe-Amp

Brown tolex and panel, white knobs, 20 watts from dual 6V6s, tube rectifier, deep tremolo. This one has a non-original speaker, an older British-made Celestion 70 Modern Lead probably from the early '80s, but is otherwise reasonably... $2,100

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1962 fender brown deluxe tremolo clean wheat willie

1962 Fender Deluxe-Amp

March of 1962, 6G3 circuit, 20 watts of 6V6 power, 5AR4 tube rectifier, brown tolex and panel, wheat grille, extraordinarily clean and all-original including the Oxford Custom Design 12" loudspeaker and single-button footswitch.... $3,999

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vintage 1962 fender champ amp

1962 Fender Tweed Champ

Model F51, original eight inch speaker, new tubes and shop checked. A remarkable tone. Rich and warm at half volume searing solos when pushed. Faded lacquer looks cool and keeps the price down. The best of the champs are these last... $1450

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vintage fender concert amp

1963 Fender Concert

Perhaps the best sounding vibrato channel ever. So soupy. Just enough shifting in pitch to guve a gentle chorus to the vibe. Four 10" speakers...35 watts...six preamp tubes. A bit more hi-fi than the rest of the brown Fenders.... $2895

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1964 fender tremoloux amp and cab

1964 Fender Tremolux head and cab

Recent Jensen 10" speakers. Very nice sounding set-up. 35 watts via 2 x 6L6s. Tremolo (of course!) Get a real deal vintage Fender rig for less than most modern combo amps! $1399

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transitional princeton non-reverb brown white knobs pre-cbs willie

1964 Fender Princeton Amp

Narrowly pre-CBS, 6G2 circuit, cool transitional model that's electronically "brown", so to speak, but with black panel and black tolex, splits the difference between tweed and blackface tone-wise, terrific tremolo, and has... $1899

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silvertone 1484 twin twelve sears danelectro willie

1964 Silvertone Model 1484 Twin Twelve

Head and cabinet made of futuristic medium-density fiberboard, 35 watts from a pair of 6L6s, head stows inside the cabinet that also contains two Jensen P-12Qs, great tremolo, reverb about which opinions are more polarized within... $950

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1965 fender reverb tank

1965 Fender Reverb Tank

The quickest path to the drip of surf and '60s instrumental guitar music. Not much more than a circuit board reissue, $999

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supro thunderbolt jensen 15" jimmy page jimi hendrix 6L6 willies saint paul minnesota

1965 Supro Thunderbolt

Approximately 30 watts from a pair of 6L6s, tube rectifier, a nice Jensen 15" loudspeaker, and pretty ripping tones that endeared this model to Jimmy Page and supposedly Jimi Hendrix. Cool mid-'60s design aesthetic, clean and... $1450

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fender blackface bassman aa165 tilt-back piggyback willie

1965 Fender Bassman-Amp

50-watt all-tube head with matching 2x12 cabinet, highly desirable early blackface AA165 circuit, solid-state rectifier, 2 6L6s, normal and bass channels, sounds great for either guitar or bass, handwired, fantastic looks, clean and... $1895

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jmi vox ac30 top boost candy panel gray grey willies saint paul minnesota

1965 Vox AC-30

Jennings Musical Industries, factory top boost, candy panel, two Celestion "Vox Grey" 12" loudspeakers, six inputs, vibrato with as only as many speed settings as people in austere postwar Britain could get by with... $4999

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vintage 1966 fender champ amp

1966 Fender Champ

Blackface, 6 watts, original 8" speaker, 6V6 powered little gem of an amp. In good working order, perfect at home practice or recording amp. $795

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fender princeton non-reverb blackface jensen 10 willie

1966 Fender Princeton Amp

Blackface, AA964 circuit, basically like the legendary Princeton Reverb only without the, uh, reverb. 12 watts from a pair of 6V6s, tube rectifier, great tremolo, perfect volume and size for club gigs and the recording studio. This... $1950

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fender vibrolux-amp 2x10 reverb tremolo handwired jensen willie

1966 Fender Vibrolux-Amp

40 watt combo, 2x6L6, 2x10" loudspeakers, two channels, classic blackface reverb and tremolo, handwired, a very versatile amplifier with plenty of (but not too much) power, manageable size, and great tone all around. This one is... $2799

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vintage 1967 fender bandmaster

1967 Fender Bandmaster Head and Cab

Nice condition, showing an appropriate amount of cosmetic wear all around. Two 6L6s, 35 watts. Lovely tremolo. Complete with piggyback hardware. $1595

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pro reverb aa165 utah handwired blackface willies saint paul minnesota

1967 Fender Pro Reverb

Blackface, 2x12" combo, AA165 circuit, 40 watts from 2 6L6s, 2 channels, reverb and tremolo, tube rectifier, handwired in Fullerton, California, original Utah speakers, original footswitch and tilt-back legs, original tolex and... $1799

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vintage 1968 fender vibrochamp

1968 Fender Vibro Champ

Dripedge. The cleanest we've see! Super cool living room amp, but also a great studio choice. One of the guys in the shop runs his Rhodes through a Vibrochamp. Another guy uses two in a stereo rig. Super useful amp! $999

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1970s Fender Bandmaster Reverb Head

Great Fender cleans with a good amount of headroom. Roughly 40 watts via 2x6L6. Reverb, tremolo. Shop checked and working fine. Very good condition. $950

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fender silverface princeton reverb hand-wired spring tremolo willie

1970s Fender Princeton Reverb Amp

Later '70s Silverface 1x10" combo, a pair of 6V6s putting out approximately 12 watts, classic Fender reverb and tremolo, hand-wired and built to last, a perfect amp for stage, studio, or living room. This one is in fine shape... $1399

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music man hd115/65 cts solid state preamp 1x15 steel willie

1970s Music Man HD115/Sixty-Five

1x15" combo, 65 watts from a pair of 6L6s, customary Music Man solid-state preamp, reverb and tremolo on channel two, master volume, robust CTS loudspeaker. Very well-made, pristine tone with tremendous headroom, we don't see... $599

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fender silverface princeton reverb hand-wired spring tremolo willie

1979 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp

Silverface, 12 watts, 10", 6V6 output section, tube rectifier, tremolo, tube-driven spring reverb, later circuit with pull-boost feature on volume control, still robustly hand-wired even at this late date, clean and straight... $1395

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music man rp115 reverb phasor hybrid electro-voice willie

1979 Music Man RP 115 One Hundred On Hold

"Reverb Phasor", hybrid combo amplifier with solid-state preamp and tube output stage, 2x6L6, 100 watts, spring reverb, master volume, on-board phase shifter, all going through a seriously brutal hi-fi Electro-Voice 15"... $799

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1987 marshall como amp

1987 Marshall 4203 Artist 30

Hybrid guitar amplifier with a solid state front end and 30-watt 2x6V6 tube output stage, 1x12" Celestion Vintage loudspeaker, two channels, reverb, very clean, made in England, comes with original footswitch, vinyl cover, and... $795

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used victoria 518 amp

1990s Victoria 518-T

Handwired 5F1 homage, lovely lacquered tweed, single-ended 8 watt 6V6 power section, 5Y3 rectifier, 8" Jensen Special Design loudspeaker. Perfect condition, incredible tone, and it doesn't get much more portable than this. $899

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mesa boogie blue angel 2x10 class a progressive linkage jensen willie

1990s MESA/Boogie Blue Angel

revolutionary "progressive linkage" control, which switches between or combines two independent tube output stages, comprising 2 6V6s and 4 EL84s. Unlike most Mesas, this amp has neither channel switching nor a master volume... $750

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klon centaur gold non-horsie professional overdrive willies saint paul minnesota

1990s Klon Centaur

Unusual gold "non-horsie" version, a fine example of one of the best-sounding and most influential overdrive pedals, secretively gooped board, maroon knobs, amazing tone, all-original including box. Comes with George... $1795

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used jmi 15 amp

2000s JMI 15

15 watts class "a", 2xEL84, EF86 preamp, Celestion alnico 12" loudspeaker, 2 channels, cut control, hand-wired in England, a meticulous re-creation of the 1961/1962 Vox AC15. Impeccable build quality and cosmetics,... $Call For Price

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bogner early shiva dual reverb el34

2000s Bogner Shiva Dual Reverb EL34

Early-production Shiva head, 80 watts from a pair of EL34s and substantial transformers, two channels, independent tube-driven reverb for each channel, incredibly rich and headroom-generous clean channel, an overdrive channel that... $1,799

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used fender supersonic 60 head

2010 Fender Supersonic 60 Head

60 watts, 2x6L6, nice blond tolex with white knobs, two channels, effects loop, a very wide range of clean, bluesy, and higher gain tones, recently discontinued. Exceptionally clean, with factory footswitch and vinyl cover. $699

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fender ec tremolux clapton attenuator mercury 5e3 willie

2010s Fender EC Tremolux On Hold

Designed and manufactured to Eric Clapton's specifications, the EC Tremolux is derived from Fender's legendary 5E3 narrow-panel tweed Deluxe circuit but with the addition of bias tremolo, Mercury Magnetics transformers, a Celestion... $1595

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dr. z monza celestion g12 alnico gold willie

2010s Dr. Z Monza

1x12" combo, 20-watt EL84 power section, two-stage master volume of unparalleled versatility and convincingness, simple but effective tone control, handwired in Ohio, blonde tolex with oxblood 12" UK-made Celestion G12... $1,650

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tone king metropolitan phase-4 power scaling dynamic willie

2010s Tone King Cosmopolitan

1x12" combo, nominally 40 watts but thanks to Tone King's innovative Phase-4 output power control that brings it down to a studio/neighbor/significant other-friendly 0.1 watt. Two channels, 3-spring tube-driven reverb, 5AR4...

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carr mini-mercury attenuator eminence pine reverb willie

2011 Carr Mercury

8 watts from a single EL34 coupled with a multistage attenuator that reduces power to as little as a tenth of a watt, tube-driven spring reverb, one 10" Eminence Red, White, and Blue loudspeaker, solid pine cabinet, handwired in... $1999

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dr. z ezg-50 blackface bassman combo mix dwell handwired willies saint paul minnesota

2012 Dr. Z EZG-50

1x12" combo, 50 watts from a pair of 6L6s, 3-band EQ, pre and post volume controls, fantastic tube-driven spring reverb with mix and dwell controls, Celestion 65 loudspeaker, vibrant red tolex with salt-and-pepper grille. Long... $1799

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used fender bandmaster reissue

2014 Fender '57 Bandmaster Reissue On Hold

Three 10"s, 26 watts, and two channels wrapped in Tweed. A lovely homage to a classic, made here in the USA. $1700 On Hold

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