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1950 Valco Combo

Tan, recovered, 22 watts, 6V6 powered, great sounding tremolo, single 1 x 12" Alnico speaker. $495

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vintage fender tweed pro amp

1952 Fender Pro

Sounds nice. Widepanel. Recovered. Roughly 22 watts. The perfect amp for the pre-pedal steel guitar sound. Heck...just about anything with strings sounds ace. Good vintage value. $2199

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fender tweed pro amp

1955 Fender Pro

Road hard and put away wet. Painted covering...sorta dark brown. Might be the ugly duckling, but sounds great. Single coils sing without harshness, and humbuckers growl. $1750

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vintage 1960 Tremolux amp

1960 Fender Tremolox

Tweed, recovered. The Tremolux is for some the ideal amp. Same chassis as the tweed Deluxe but with a bigger cabinet, more bass and added tremolo. Solid pine cabinet and 22 watts made it the light and the perfect volume. This amp... $2250

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vitnage 1961 fender tweed champ

1961 Fender Champ

The ubiquitous student amp that became a studio legend. This one has the right amount of mojo, and tone for days. $1799

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1962 fender deluxe amp

1962 Fender Deluxe

A great amp, and thanks to a tasteful recover, a great price. Says "Fender"...but turn it up and hit it with humbuckers, and your ears will think "Marshall". A shop favorite, and for good reason. $2199

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vintage 1963 fender bassman head and cab

1963 Fender Bassman with Cab

A killer rig made popular by our pal, guitarist extraordinaire Brian Setzer. This one is nice and clean. The normal channel is all Fender...and the bass channel has been modded to capture a JTM-45 vibe. Ay! Grab yourself a tape echo... $2500

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vintage fender concert amp

1963 Fender Concert

Perhaps the best sounding vibrato channel ever. So soupy. Just enough shifting in pitch to guve a gentle chorus to the vibe. Four 10" speakers...35 watts...six preamp tubes. A bit more hi-fi than the rest of the brown Fenders.... $2895

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1964 fender tremoloux amp and cab

1964 Fender Tremolux head and cab

Recent Jensen 10" speakers. Very nice sounding set-up. 35 watts via 2 x 6L6s. Tremolo (of course!) Get a real deal vintage Fender rig for less than most modern combo amps! $1399

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vintage 1963 fender tweed champ

1964 Fender Tweed Champ

Tweed, 5F1 circuit, in great shape, tube chart in place, sounds amazing, very nice late era tweed champ. Consgined at $1999

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1965 fender reverb tank

1965 Fender Reverb Tank

The quickest path to the drip of surf and '60s instrumental guitar music. Not much more than a circuit board reissue, $999

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vintage 1966 fender champ amp

1966 Fender Champ

Blackface, 6 watts, original 8" speaker, 6V6 powered little gem of an amp. In good working order, perfect at home practice or recording amp. $795

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vintage 1967 fender bandmaster

1967 Fender Bandmaster Head and Cab

Nice condition, showing an appropriate amount of cosmetic wear all around. Two 6L6s, 35 watts. Lovely tremolo. Complete with piggyback hardware. $1595

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vintage 1968 fender vibrochamp

1968 Fender Vibro Champ

Dripedge. The cleanest we've see! Super cool living room amp, but also a great studio choice. One of the guys in the shop runs his Rhodes through a Vibrochamp. Another guy uses two in a stereo rig. Super useful amp! $999

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1970s Fender Bandmaster Reverb Head

Great Fender cleans with a good amount of headroom. Roughly 40 watts via 2x6L6. Reverb, tremolo. Shop checked and working fine. Very good condition. $950

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used fender princeton reverb

1970s Fender Princeton Reverb

Clean! New JJ power tubes. Sounds great. Shop checked. $1395

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used fender princeton reverb

1970s Fender Princeton Reverb

Nice and checked. Twelve watts of 6V6 goodness. Sweet sounding 'verb! $1449

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1987 marshall como amp

1987 Marshall 4203 Artist 30

Hybrid guitar amplifier with a solid state front end and 30-watt 2x6V6 tube output stage, 1x12" Celestion Vintage loudspeaker, two channels, reverb, very clean, made in England, comes with original footswitch, vinyl cover, and... $795

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used jmi 15 amp

2000s JMI 15

15 watts class "a", 2xEL84, EF86 preamp, Celestion alnico 12" loudspeaker, 2 channels, cut control, hand-wired in England, a meticulous re-creation of the 1961/1962 Vox AC15. Impeccable build quality and cosmetics,... $Call For Price

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used fender tweed deluxe handwired reissue

2000s Fender Tweed Deluxe Handwired

With all of the handwired, boutique Tweed builds out about one that says Fender on the chassis? A great 5e3 build from Fender. Sounds like 1000s of records. Two 6V6s, ~15 watts. 1 x 12". A classic, indeed. $1700

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2000s Hiwatt Custom 20

Black, 2x10 Fane speakers, 20 watts, EL-84 powered, Class A, master volume, handwired in UK, in excellent condition, sounds great. $1599

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used fender supersonic 60 head

2010 Fender Supersonic 60 Head

60 watts, 2x6L6, nice blond tolex with white knobs, two channels, effects loop, a very wide range of clean, bluesy, and higher gain tones, recently discontinued. Exceptionally clean, with factory footswitch and vinyl cover. $699

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used fender bandmaster reissue

2014 Fender '57 Bandmaster Reissue

Three 10"s, 26 watts, and two channels wrapped in Tweed. A lovely homage to a classic, made here in the USA. $1700

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used marshall jtm-1c amp

2014 Marshall JTM-1C On Hold

50th anniversary limited edition, 12AX7 preamp, 12AU7 output with a one-stage attenuator (!), .1 to 1 watt, 1x10" Celestion loudspeaker, '60s looks and tone, portable, sounds great, studio-friendly, comes with original box and... $899

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