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EffectsNew Plum Crazy Squawk

The Squawk-a true overdrive-a rock and blues machine. It runs the range from slight grit to near fuzz, all the while retaining the character of your guitar and amp. Based on a classic germanium boost circuit, The Squawk offers so much more. The Squawk fattens and boosts your guitar signal, pushing your amp in to a real tube overdrive. It’s also very touch-sensitive-pick hard for more grit or pick softly for a cleaner response.

The original vintage circuit was limited to boosting treble frequencies. The Squawk offers these sounds as well as a wide variety of others via a 6-position Freq control. The Freq control provides the ultimate in customizing your sound- choose bassier settings for fattening single coils or treble settings for adding sustain and chime to humbuckers. If this weren’t enough, there’s even a germanium / silicon switch for choosing between a vintage germanium sound or a slightly tighter silicon punch.

Like all Plum Crazy FX pedals, The Squawk is built to take the rigors of the road. Only top quality parts are used in The Squawk:

* Tough, cast aluminum enclosure
* True-bypass heavy-duty footswitch
* One super-quiet, mil-spec 2N1308 germanium transistor & one silicon transistor (user selectable)
* Alpha Boost pot
* Top-quality Lorlin 6-position
Freq switch
* Switchcraft enclosed jacks
* FR4 circuit board
* High-quality electrolytic poly film capacitors
* 1/2w carbon-film resistors
* Teflon-coated wire
* Bright-purple LED
* 9V AC adaptor jack (wired for center  
negative, adaptor not included) $185

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