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new magantone 2x12 cabinet

New Magnatone 2x12 Cab

Great sounding cabinet. Tolex matches the Magnatone Master Series heads - like the Super Fifty-Nine, Super Thirty, etc. Made in the USA. $900

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used magnatone varsity amp

2014 Magnatone Varsity

Lightly used. Fifteen watts via 2 x EL84s. One 12" speaker. Faux croc tolex. Lovely! $1250

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new magantone super 30 amp

New Magnatone Super Thirty

Thirty watts of British flavored power through 2 x 12"s - AND - pitch shifting vibrato? Now we know why The Rev. Billy Gibbons has been playing this and its big brothers on tour. Fantastic! $3499

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new magantone super 59 amp head

New Magnatone Super 59 Head

The Magnatone Super 59 is the modern incarnation of the classic Magnatone. Cosmetically striking in its black levant with white satin grill cloth, edged by piping and sleek and luxurious, the Super 59 oozes style and fashion. A pair... $2999

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New Magnatone Stereo Twilighter

All-tube stereo (22w 6V6 + 22w 6V6) combo amplifier, 2x12" Custom Magnatone 75-watt loudspeakers, tube/varistor pitch-shifting vibrato (which really must be heard to be believed), deep and lush reverb, exquisite construction,... $2,999

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