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New Orange Tiny Terror

Give us a call for our current Orange amp inventory. Orange's Tiny Terror: 15 or 7 loud watts from two EL-84s, about as simple and toneful as you can get, very hard to beat for the price. Comes with padded gig bag. That's a Bogner... $Call For Price

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Orange bass full stack!

New Orange AD200 Bass head

Orange bass head in stock. The head cranks out 200 watts from four 6550s and sounding incredible. $Call For Price.

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New Orange Tiny Terror combo

Brand new Tiny Terror combos now in stock. 15 or 7 watts from two EL84s, one Celestion Vintage 30, great master volume.

Both a single 12" combo for $899 and a single 10" combo for $679 in stock now,... $Call For Price.

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New Orange Rocker 30 head

30-watt head, Baltic birch ply headshell in smooth black tolex (Orange's only custom color), 2xEL34, one 16-ohm and 2 8-ohm speaker jacks, two footswitchable channels, master volume on channel two, nice range of crunchy overdrive... $1469

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New Orange Dark Terror head

Small-format all-tube single-channel high gain guitar head, 2xEL84 in class "A", 15 watts with 7-watt half-power setting, master volume, versatile shape control for EQ, effects loop. Comes with padded shoulder bag for easy... $649

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New Orange OR50

50 watt guitar head, 2 x EL34, 12AX7 preamp, master volume, made in the United Kingdom. Iconic orange tolex, enameled metal faceplate with trippy logo, absurd coat of arms, and sublime control pictograms. Some people might try to... $CALL

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New Orange Rockerverb 50 MK II head minnesota twin cities minneapolis st. paul

New Orange Rockerverb 50 MK II

50 watt all-tube head, orange tolex, 2xEL34s, spring reverb, two footswitchable channels, one clean, one dirty with a range of moderate to high gain settings, total rock amp, looks and sounds great, made in UK. $2149

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new orange dual terror amps for sale minnesota minneapolis st. paul

New Orange Dual Terror

30/15/7-watt head, 4 EL84s with half-power switch and switch to disable 2 of the power tubes, 2 footswitchable channels, "Tiny Terror" and "Fat", the former based on the amp of the same name, the latter having more... $899

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