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used fender custom shop 1960 stratocaster shell pink

2007 Fender Custom Shop '60 Stratocaster Relic

$2750 Shell Pink lacquer finish, alder body, big maple neck with slab rosewood fingerboard, clay dots, spaghetti logo, mint guard, 8 pounds, slightly factory modernized with a 9.5" radius, 6105 frets, and a five way switch.... $2750

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vintage 40

1940 Harmony Baritone Uke

$299 The baritone was way more expensive than the other ukes in the Harmony catalog. These ukes offered solid mahogany bodies and necks, Brazilian rosewood fingerboards and bridges, bone nut and bone "thru saddle" bridge... $299

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used vintage 1971 martin 00-18 acoustic small bodied guitar

1971 Martin 00-18

$2950 Natural, wide grained sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, all original and crack free, fresh neck reset so plays great, original pickguard reglued, Grover tuners, beautiful dark rosewood fingerboard with style 18 dot... $2950

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new Martin 000-28 acoustic guitar

New Martin 000-28

$2859 The 000 size with rosewood is a great combo for a Martin. You get the lower string tension from the 24.9" scale, a comfy 1 11/16" nut width, but with the added bass and complexity of the East Indian rosewood back and... $2859

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used martin ceo-7 acoustic guitar

2015 Martin CEO-7

$1699 Hard to find used CEO-7 model. There is just something about the directness of the 14 fret 00. When you have Adi over mahogany, even more so. Ebony board and bridge, modified V neck, scalloped X bracing, 24.9" scale,... $1699

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rickenbacker 620/12 fireglo willies saint paul minnesota

New Rickenbacker 620/12

$2209 Fireglo, 12-string version, neck-through maple neck and body construction, lacquered rosewood fingerboard with triangular crushed-pearl inlays, two "Hi-Gain" pickups, "Rick-O-Sound" stereo wiring, "R"... $2209

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used silvertone 1446 guitar

1962 Silvertone 1446

$1200 Black, double bound body, bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two killer sounding original pickups, Bigsby, in good shape with some curly cord wear on back, a cool vintage Silvertone, comes with a non... $1200

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1951 Gretsch Bacon Belmont

$1350 Here we have a vintage 1951 Gretsch made Bacon Belmont archtop guitar. Made in the USA by Gretsch for the Bacon banjo company. Brazilian fingerboard with deluxe inlays, laminate spruce top, maple back and sides with... $1350

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vintage silvertone model 1446 electric guitar

1960s Silvertone Model 1446

$1295 Black, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two great sounding pickups, nickel Bigsby, shows playing wear top and back, refretted, comes with a later beat 335 case. $1295

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1976 marshall jmp 1987 drake willies saint paul minnesota

1976 Marshall Model 1987

$1799 JMP, elephant tolex, gold piping, small logo (intact), toggle switches with pilot light, USA market with 6550 power section (easily converted to EL34s if one prefers), four inputs, two channels, a strong, loud, crunchy, rich... $1799

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vintage 1974 fender precision bass black

1974 Fender Precision Bass

$3500 Black, custom color, narrow neck. The catalog stated in ’74 this bass was $333 plus $75 for the case (wow, the case was 25% of the price). That $408 in $2200 in todays money. This is a nice example with preferred rosewood... $3500

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fender princeton-amp 6G2 brown white pre-cbs electric fullerton willies saint paul minnesota

1964 Fender Princeton-Amp

$1850 All-stock except for cool old 10" alnico Oxford, tidy electronics, nice headroom. A delightful white knob-era amp that has been a mainstay stage amp for Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers for many years. More snap than a... $1850

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used gibson jimmy page signature les paul custom

2008 Gibson Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul Custom

$Call For Price. Just in...more soon. $Call For Price.

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1956 Gibson Southern Jumbo SJ

1956 Gibson Southern Jumbo

$5950 Sunburst, a beautiful example from the small pickguard era. Adirondack Spruce top on solid Honduran Mahogany back and sides. Repair history includes: a new bridge (nicely done of old dark rosewood), repaired seam crack, strap... $5950

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2009 Martin 75th Anniversary D-28 Herringbone

2009 Martin 75th Anniversary Herringbone D-28

$4995 A brilliant copy of a 1934 D-28. Solid Adirondack top and braces, forward shifted scalloped 5/16" braces. Take a minute to look at that top with big wide growth rings. Solid book matched Madagascar rosewood (again check... $4995

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new rickenbacker 330 mapleglo

New Rickenbacker 330

$Call For Price. Mapleglo, unbound rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, two hi-gain pickups, two volume, two tone and one blend control, timeless classic design, gotta love these vibrant fireglo 330’s, comes with a new hard case. $Call For Price.

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vintage 1967 Rickenbacker 365 mapleglo

1967 Rickenbacker 365

$4250 Mapleglo, 360 with original style crushed pearl full length inlays, tremolo, toaster top pickups, this one in great shape showing some finish checking, pickups and electronics strong with the clean jangly tone you can only get... $4250

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new rickenbacker 4003 maplglo bass guitar

New Rickenbacker 4003

$Call For Price. Mapleglo, bound rosewood board with full length triangular inlays, dual 4003 pickups, two volume and two tone controls, vintage pull tone switch, ric-o-sound input, distinctive grain pattern on top so you’ll always... $Call For Price.

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new rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar

New Rickenbacker 4003

$Call For Price. Fireglo, bound rosewood board with full length triangular inlays, dual 4003 pickups, two volume and two tone controls, vintage pull tone switch, ric-o-sound input, fresh from the factory, nice one from our friends... $Call For Price.

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New Tom Anderson Icon Classic

$3419 Translucent White on swamp ash, caramel maple neck and fingerboard, 25.5" scale length, 1&11/16" nut width, medium stainless frets, Buzz Feiten tuning system, '50s V-Large neck profile, VA7.2/VA7.2R/VA7.2+ pickup... $3419

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new blackbird farallon tenor uke

New Blackbird Farallon Tenor Uke

$1492 Natural, 17" scale, Ekoa (made of natural linen fiber and bioresin), body, micarta fingerboard bridge and saddle, factory Mi-Si rechargeable pickup, very loud and warm tenor tone, try it, comes with a new gig bag. $1492

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1979 Fender Stratocaster Black maple board

1979 Fender Stratocaster

$2100 Black, maple neck and board with dot inlays, refret, three flat pole strat pickups, five way selector, black pickguard and knobs, couple of small holes on guard, nice weight for the era, some playing scratches on back, very... $2100

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new kamaka hf-1ld long neck deluxe uke

New Kamaka HF-1LD Long Neck Deluxe 100th Anniversary

$2045 Natural, long neck version of the HF-1, beautiful solid koa top with rope binding, koa back and sides, ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays, long neck provides more room for all those crazy chords you are learning. Same as... $2045

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new Kamaka HF-3 100th Anniversary Uke

New Kamaka HF-3 100th Anniversary Tenor Uke

$1545 Natural, beautiful solid koa top back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 17" scale length, Schaller tuners with pearloid buttons, handmade by the Hawaiian masters since 1916. Pretty much the industry standard... $1545

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New Kamaka HF-36L Long Neck Tenor Uke 100th Anniversary

New Kamaka HF-36L 6 String Long Neck Tenor Uke 100th Anniversary

$1645 Natural, beautiful sold koa top back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, double first and third strings give these a deeper janglier tone, open back tuners with pearloid buttons, handmade by the Hawaiian masters... $1645

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new Collings I-35LC Blonde, Guitar

New Collings I-35LC

$4500 Blonde, laminated maple top, back and sides, lightly aged finish and nickel hardware. Comes with factory Duncan Antiquity humbuckers and an optional black pickguard. Has the perfect late fifties neck profile, tonepros hardware... $4500

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new Collings OM-2H 12 string guitar

New Collings OM-2H 12 String

$4455 Just in…more soon. #26266 List $4950, ours $4455

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used fender american vintage

2015 Fender American Vintage '65 Jaguar

$1650 Faded Sonic Blue on alder body, flash coat lacquer finish, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two great sounding AV ’65 Jaguar pickups, shows light playing wear on top and back, comes with the original hard case and... $1650

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vintage 1965 Gibson B-25N acoustic guitar

1965 Gibson B-25N

$1750 Natural, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, adjustable wood bridge, lots of finish checking on the top and back, ladder braced woody folky tone, comes with the original faultless case. $1750

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magnatone panoramic stereo pitch shifting vibrato willies saint paul minnesota

New Magnatone Panoramic Stereo

$2399 24 watts from four EL84s configured as a pair of stereo 12-watt power amps, all-tube preamp, 2x10" custom loudspeakers, stunning stereo tremolo or pitch-shifting stereo vibrato, tube-driven Accutronics spring reverb,... $2399

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