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2000 used fender cyclone guitar

2000 Fender Cyclone

$599 Capri Orange on poplar body, rosewood board with dot inlays, stock Tex Mex single coil and Atomic Humbucking pickups, tremolo bridge, all original and in near mint condition, nice and light, short lived Mexican made Fender,... $599

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vintage 1960 fender tweed champ amp

1960 Fender Tweed Champ

$2250 Tweed, 8" speaker, we bet this is the cleanest champ for sale right now. The lightest fade in lacquer (can’t really fake that). very clean control panel, original handle, original speaker, original cover and great tone.... $2250

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used fender custom shop jazzmaster relic

2006 Fender Custom Shop '58 Jazzmaster Relic

$2750 Two Tone Sunburst on wide grained ash body, slab rosewood board with clay dot inlays, anodized gold guard, great sounding Jazzmaster pickups, tastefully aged, plays great, comes with the original coa, and case candy in the... $2750

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used gibson vintage cf-100 acoustic guitar

1957 Gibson CF-100

$Priced Soon Just in…but going through shop for repairs, due out soon. $Priced Soon

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used gibson hummingbird vintage guitar

2017 Gibson Hummingbird Vintage

$3895 Vintage Sunburst, thin lacquer finish, cool used Gibson flat top in near mint condition, featuring Gibson Custom’s thermally aged top for a more broken in woody vintage tone, Sitka Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, bound... $3895

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vintage gretsch tennessean guitar

1964 Gretsch Tennessean

$2795 Walnut, some fade to the top, all stock with functional electronics, was rebound at some point and neck set done (all these are good things). The neck set and binding saves you $1000. Has the original pickguard in the original... $2795

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vintage guild d-35 avoustic guitar

1973 Guild D-35

$1295 Natural, Sitka Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, from one of the great American acoustic guitar makers, these are undervalued in todays market, this one sports a new bridge and a repaired side crack, dry crisp mahogany... $1295

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new martin d-28

New Martin D-28

$2629 Just in! The new and improved D-28! More soon. $2629

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vintage 1975 Fender Champ

1975 Fender Champ

$499 Silverface, 5 watts, 6V6 powered, single 8" speaker, all original and in good condition, the ultimate home practice amp and excellent studio tool. $499

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used fender jazzmaster MIJ guitar

1996 Fender JM-66 Jazzmaster On Hold

$799 Sunburst, really nice Japanese made Jazzmaster pays homage to the ’66 era, rosewood board with pearl dots, great sounding Jazzmaster pickups, has a couple of nicks on back but good shape overall, plays well, sounds great, comes... $799

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1989 Gibson Chet Atkins SST guitar

1989 Gibson Chet Atkins SST

$1650 White, this era of the solid body steel string acoustic is rather hard to find. Script logo, with the Chet Atkins name in the faux sound hole. Note the volume and tone on front of guitar where you normally find a solid body... $1650

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1989 Gibson Chet Atkins SST guitar

1989 Gibson Chet Atkins SST

$1650 White, this era of the solid body steel string acoustic is rather hard to find. Script logo, with the Chet Atkins name in the faux sound hole. Note the volume and tone on front of guitar where you normally find a solid body... $1650

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1987 Martin HD-28P acoustic guitar

1987 Martin HD-28P

$2250 Natural, Sitka Spruce top, East Indian Rosewood back and sides, herringbone top trim, scalloped top bracing, the P stands for low profile neck a designation dropped in ’89, this one has been refretted, has repaired cracks... $2250

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used music man 110RD 50 combo amp

1983 Music Man 110RD 50

$825 Black, all original, 50 watts, 6L6 powered, single 10" speaker, bullet proof construction, reverb, one of the under rated amp companies, great tone, can be a loud little brute, comes with the original footswitch too. $825

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vintage 1966 Vox AC-50 amp

1966 Vox AC-50

$2000 Black, all original,50 watts, one of the classic British amps from the original JMI era, EL-34 powered, top loaded, four input in good condition, sounds amazing, lots of clean headroom, kind of an AC-30 on steroids, a killer... $2000

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white marshall jcm800 4104 g12h30 vertical el34 willies saint paul minnesota

1984 Marshall JCM 800 Model 4104

$1999 Factory white tolex, 50 watts, 2xEL34, vertical inputs, master volume, Drake transformers, looks and unsurprisingly sounds fantastic. Some honest wear but all-original save for added casters and speakers, which may be a good... $1999

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vintage fender telecaster thinline guitar

1975 Fender Telecaster Thinline

$3400 Natural, a fine semi-hollow body guitar. Did you know the Fender pickups were designed by Seth Lover who invented the PAF for Gibson? The back of the neck has finish removed so it feels satiny. Great pickups, a vintage... $3400

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used gibson es-335 walnut guitar

2016 Gibson ES-335 Walnut On Hold

$2995 Walnut, near mint, this came from one of our European customers who bought it new recently and decided he wanted a vintage item instead. Cool color! We are told it’s not availaible in the USA. Nice see through walnut, vintage... $2995

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1985 Gibson ES-347TD Guitar

1985 Gibson ES-347TD

$3400 Natural, rare later version with phase switch moved near the pickup selector and tailpiece moved closer to bridge. Natural finish in this era was special order. A beauty with birds eye maple, gentle age to lacquer, bound ebony... $3400

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vintage 1960 korina lap steel

1960 Gibson Skylark Korina Lap Steel On Hold

$950 They are maybe one of the most undervalued collectible guitars. Not because only 409 were made this year (about 8 per state) or the larger P-90 size single coil found on melody makers. It’s the fact they are Korina. Same trees... $950

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used collings I-35LC faded cherry

2015 Collings I-35LC On Hold

$3400 We ordered this back then with Seymour Duncan Antiquities that we sent to Collings (Willie’s favorite humbucking with fantastically clear mid range like real PAF pickups). Faded Cherry finish over flame maple. Medium sized... $3400

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vintage 1962 fender jazzmaster olympic white guitar

1962 Fender Jazzmaster On Hold

$3900 Olympic White, refin, slab board, pre-CBS Fender Jazzmaster with a 30 year old refin over sunburst. A pre L-plate with big neck, original pickups and Mastery bridge installed so stays in tune even with heavy handed playing. A... $3900

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vintage fender mustang guitar

1965 Fender Mustang

$1895 A nice clean one owner guitar in its original Mustang Red aka Dakota Red. The previous owner had us refret it several years ago (you’re welcome). Other than that detail its all stock, slab body, big neck, light and resonant,... $1895

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used gibson les paul 60

2011 Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute On Hold

$795 Worn Honeyburst, buffed satin finish, unbound rosewood fretboard, dual P-90 pickups, nice light chambered body, some nicks on the back, perfect starter Lester, USA made, comes with an upgraded hard case. $795 On Hold

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new martin jeff tweedy signature guitar

New Martin Jeff Tweedy #1268

$2599 Designed in collaboration with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and our old friend John "Woody" Woodland utilizing FSCA certified woods. Featuring a 25.4" scale length, mahogany sunburst finish on solid mahogany top back and... $2599

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1973 fender super reverb handwired willie

1973 Fender Super Reverb

$1595 Handwired, no master volume, 45 watts from a pair of 6L6s, tube rectifier, silverface cosmetics, blue sparkle grille, 4x10" CTS loudspeakers wired at 2 ohms for incredible punch and headroom, two channels, great classic... $1595

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new strymon effects pedals in stock!

New Strymon $Call for prices and current inventory.

$Call For Price. Yes! We are now very happy to offer new Strymon Effects pedals. Give us a call, email or come on in to check out our latest inventory. $Call For Price.

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new deering artisan goodtime open back banjo

New Deering Artisan Goodtime Open Back

$799.00 Lightweight, responsive with vintage artisan appointments this open back Deering banjo is created for those wanting to play for hours or lay back in their easy chair. With a slim neck, this maple bodied banjo is light weight... $799.00

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new deering artisan goodtime two banjo

New Deering Artisan Goodtime Two

$1099.00 This artisan model Goodtime two banjo is sure to impress with it’s artisan appointments and booming clear projection. The resonator back with a 3 ply violin grade maple rim and an 11" frosted head, gives way to the... $1099.00

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new deering goodtime open back banjo

New Deering Goodtime Open Back

$529.00 Durable, lightweight and easy to play. Deering has crafted a banjo for beginners and advanced players alike. This open back banjo has an 11" frosted head with bow tie style inlay, a fiddle shaped peg head and a slender... $529.00

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