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1950s Harmony Rocket

Sunburst, hollow body, unbound Brazilian rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, nice chunky neck, three great sounding pickups, new wiring harness and five way pickup selector switch done by our shop (you’re welcome), changed tuners,... $950

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1950s Danelectro U2

Black, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, two lipstick cover pickups, original dark Brazilian rosewood saddle, two volume controls with concentric tone knobs, some wear through the finish, yes folks real live playing... $1750

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vintage harmony h-47

1950s Harmony H-47 Stratotone "Mercury"

Mars Sunburst finish over flame maple. Body shows lots of flame front and back. Also note the pearl block inlay Brazilian rosewood fretboard that is triple bound. Why three way selector on a one pickup guitar? Different tone circuit... $750

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vintage silvertone model 1446 electric guitar

1960s Silvertone Model 1446

Black, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two great sounding pickups, nickel Bigsby, shows playing wear top and back, refretted, comes with a later beat 335 case. $1295

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vintage Harmony batwing guitar

1960s Harmony Batwing

Sunburst, big honkin neck, rosewood fretboard, distinctive bat wing pickguard, great sounding gold foil pickup, good honest playing wear abounds, repaired side crack, budget vintage fun, comes with the original soft shell case. $799

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used silvertone 1446 guitar

1962 Silvertone 1446

Black, double bound body, bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two killer sounding original pickups, Bigsby, in good shape with some curly cord wear on back, a cool vintage Silvertone, comes with a non original hard... $1200

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1964 Airline Futuristic

Red, pro refin on wood body, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two pickups, changed bridge, very cool early sixties Airline, sounds real good, comes with a non original hard case. $1299

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vintage 1964 airline resoglas resonator guitar

1964 Airline Resoglass

Black, maple neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard. Has new logo, states it’s Supro but the holes in cover plate make it Airline. Did you know the M in coverplate stands for Montgomery Wards who owned the name Airline. This one is tidy... $950

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used silvertone silhouette guitar

1964 Silvertone Silhouette

Top of the line from Sears, made by Harmony. Brazilian rosewood multi bound fretboard with big block inlays. Functional light duty trem from Chicagos famous blue collar guitar factory. All original but no case. $595

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vintage silvertone guitar

1967 Silvertone S-64

Red, hollow body, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, three foil pickups, newer bridge, original Bigsby, Grover Sta-tite- tuners, comes with the original soft case. $1200

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vintage yamaha sg2000 guitar

1980s Yamaha SG 2000

Sunburst, Yamaha made the SG2000 under the direction of Carlos Santana who was seen on the cover of many magazines with one. Features include a brass plate (sustain plate) under the bridge, a rather clever 3-piece neck, and... $1650

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early leo era g&L sc 2 guitar for sale

1984 G&L SC-2

Black, maple neck and fingerboard, black anodized hardware, two Jumbo Magnetic Field Design pickups with relief patent numbers on the covers, three-way switch, some honest wear but all-original and no structural or electronic... $1250

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1989 Roger Benedict Groovemaster guitar

1989 Benedict Groovemaster

Sunburst, spruce semi hollow body, from the original workshop of the legendary Minneapolis builder Roger Bennedict. Known for building guitars for Stevie Ray Vaughn and others. This example is in great shape and features a fat... $1895

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used g&l s-500 electric guitar

1990s G&L S-500

Honey finish, maple neck and fretboard with jumbo frets, added Rio Grande pickups, five way selector switch, mini toggle adds neck/bridge pickup combo or all three together, this one shows some playing scratches on back and a nicely... $1050

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g&l asat george leo magnetic field design willies saint paul minnesota

1990s G&L ASAT On Hold

Ash body in three-tone sunburst, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots, three-ply white guard, two G&L "Magnetic Field Design" pickups, Schaller tuners, good weight, excellent condition, complete with original... $850

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used USA G&L ASAT fullerton Red guitar

2000 G&L ASAT Special

Fullerton Red on alder body, rosewood fretboard with pearl dot inlays, two MFD single coil pickups, three ply guard, very resonant unplugged, a few scratches on back, another solid USA G&L, comes with the original hard case. $750

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lsl bad bone 290 relic lake placid blue ash tusq p-90 willie

New LSL Bad Bone 290 On Hold

Lake Placid Blue with light relic'ing, fine custom work from the LSL folks. Her name is Francie. Has vintage vibe with sharp edged body, flush string ferrules, brass bridge saddles, and a Tusq nut. Francie has a hand-shaped big... $1999

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