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EffectsNew Menatone J.A.C.

JFETS are transistors that can emulate tube gain stages, rather effectively. In the case of the J.A.C, this is employed for both the Input gain and Volume (make-up gain), while the actual compression is optical in nature. For studio geeks, think LA2A in concept, rather than 1176. Not at all saggy, it can be rather crisp and aggressive, with a slight mid scoop and no loss to the top or bottom. Bass players, take note. The Gain control not only controls the input, but the threshold as well, while the Reduction control determines the amount of compression (ratio). With little Reduction, the pedal can serve as a rather clean boost by staging the Input and Volume controls. From leveling bass lines, to adding sustain to overdriven sounds, to giving the characteristic "pop" to country-style "chicken-pickin", this compressor operates like you'd expect a three knob comp to operate, albeit with a better frequency response, and greater fidelity than most other units. Pretty dang quiet too, though like any compressor, more extreme settings can elevate the noise floor. Menatone uses Carson carbon comp resistors, poly and silver mica caps, and silver plated teflon wire. Built in the U.S.A. $200

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