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new menatone red snapper pedal effect

EffectsNew Menatone Red Snapper

While much of the Menatone line-up is based around well-loved, historic amp topologies, the Red Snapper is the pedal that started it all. First released in 1996, and refined over the past seventeen years, the Red Snapper is the elusive, sought after, uncompressed, and mostly transparent (save a slight bump to the low mids) overdrive pedal that serves to enhance your guitar and amp tone rather than replace it. The Bite and Cut knobs work as very interactive EQ controls, that enhance the gain staging between the Volume and Gain controls, as well as your instrument's output and amplifier settings. A lower gain pedal, this is more about shaping the foundation of your tone, rather than setting the stage, and provides a nice contrast to the various Japanese-style "screamer" pedals on the market, which all tend toward a mid-forward and compressed sound. Plays nicely with other gain pedals and dirt boxes. Carbon comp resistors, poly and silver mica caps, and silver teflon wire preserve the fidelity of your instruments tone. Built in the U.S.A.True-bypass. $220

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