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new menatone wreck

EffectsNew Menatone Wreck'T

Another of Menatone's amp flavored overdrives, this time they pay homage to Ken Fischer's lauded Trainwreck Express. Volume and Gain let you set things up from cleanish to dirty, while the Bass and Treble controls are highly interactive with the overall character of the overdrive (and the overall gain staging). Your guitar's volume control is your friend with this pedal, and can unlock many hidden sounds. You can also push this pedal with a clean boost, yielding a very amp-like response as well. Nice! And given that Trainwreck's might as well be made from unobtainium for mere mortals, this perhaps might be the closest most folks get to the real deal. Carbon comp resistors, poly and silver mica caps, and silver teflon wire preserve the fidelity of your instruments tone. Built in the U.S.A.True-bypass. $250

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