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new menatone chawbox ocatve fuzz pedal effect

EffectsNew Menatone Chawbox

Very gainy, but very smooth. You get gobs of sustain (velcro, anyone?), while still maintaining solid note intelligibility. If you're looking for a wild and unpredictable fuzz, this isn't your box. With the octave blended out, it's more ZZ Top than psychedelic, and with the octave blended in, it's more Jeff Beck than Hendrix. That said, this is a very usable fuzz, with the sort of sound you can work with for awhile, rather than a quirky, one-trick pony. Not that I mind one-trick ponies…provided it's a darn good trick. A worthy addition to even a crowded pedal board, and an excellent , new flavor for fuzz enthusiasts. By the way, it doesn't tend to cut the lows like many fuzz boxes do, so bass players take note! Carbon comp resistors, poly and silver mica caps, and silver teflon wire preserve the fidelity of your instruments tone. Built in the U.S.A.True-bypass. $200

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