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new menatone none more black pedal effect

New Menatone None More Black

The None More Black pedal is Menatone's homage to their favorite high gain amplifiers. The Volume and Gain controls allow you the sort of gain staging you'd find on a master volume type amplifier, while the Suck and Presence... $250

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new menatone king of the britains pedal effect

New Menatone King of the Britains

Menatone's take on the '68 Plexi. From slightly pushed, to full-on overdriven, this pedal gives you that thick, British flavored amp tone in a pedal. The KOB is very responsive to picking dynamics and guitar volume settings. Carbon... $225

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new menatone top boost in a can pedal effects

New Menatone Top Boost in a Can

If the KOB is Menatone's nod to the late '60s Plexi, the TBIAC pays homage to another famous mid '60s British amplifier. The Hi Cut gives you control over the shape and intensity of the boost, while Bass and Treble function like the... $225

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new menatone thundering revival pedal effect

New Menatone Thundering Revival

A solid, British flavored (or should I say flavoured?) distortion pedal. Don't' let the simple, three knob (Drive, Tone, Level) design fool you - the interplay between the controls offers quite a few different sounds ranging from... $220

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new menatone workingman

New Menatone Workingman's Blue

Based on the JTM-45 "Bluesbreaker" circuit, this pedal can take you from the sound of an amp on the edge of break-up, to singing and sustained leads. Thick and chunky, and very responsive to dynamics, it truly feels like an... $225

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new menatone red snapper pedal effect

New Menatone Red Snapper

While much of the Menatone line-up is based around well-loved, historic amp topologies, the Red Snapper is the pedal that started it all. First released in 1996, and refined over the past seventeen years, the Red Snapper is the... $220

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new menatone blue collar pedal effect

New Menatone Blue Collar

The second of Brian Mena's production pedals (following The Red Snapper), The Blue Collar is a classic, thick overdrive. Compressed, mid-forward, with a singing bluesy sound. Where The Red Snapper strives to be transparent, The Blue... $220

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new menatone dirty blonde pedal effect

New Menatone Dirty Blonde

While many of the Menatone pedals are built in the spirit of the venerable British amplifiers, the Dirty Blonde pays homage to the American Brownface amps of the early '60s. The Volume and Gain stage as you'd expect them to, the... $200

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New Menatone J.A.C.

JFETS are transistors that can emulate tube gain stages, rather effectively. In the case of the J.A.C, this is employed for both the Input gain and Volume (make-up gain), while the actual compression is optical in nature. For studio... $200

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new menatone chawbox ocatve fuzz pedal effect

New Menatone Chawbox

Very gainy, but very smooth. You get gobs of sustain (velcro, anyone?), while still maintaining solid note intelligibility. If you're looking for a wild and unpredictable fuzz, this isn't your box. With the octave blended out, it's... $200

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new Menatone Shut up and drive pedal effect

New Menatone Shut Up and Drive

Mild to wild, this pedal falls somewhere between a traditional overdrive and a distortion. Volume and Gain controls allow you staging flexibility, Reso allows you to shape the bass response from tight to loose, and Tone gives you... $180

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new menatone wreck

New Menatone Wreck'T

Another of Menatone's amp flavored overdrives, this time they pay homage to Ken Fischer's lauded Trainwreck Express. Volume and Gain let you set things up from cleanish to dirty, while the Bass and Treble controls are highly... $250

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